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To create a Data License:

  • you have created a project

  • you have added people to your project from collaborating organizations

  • a data package has been created and added to your Project

  • at least one user from the Data Licensee organisation has been added to the project (this is the organisation who is requesting access to data)

  • if you will be applying your own legal framework, it has been created and added to the project

What is a Data License?

A Data License, once approved, allows the Data Licensee organization to access data for intended use. A Data License contains references to datasets (i.e. data packages), details of the intended use of data, terms of access, commercials, and special conditions if applicable (for e.g. special conditions that need to be met in order for data output to be extracted off the Data Republic platform). Learn more

Who should create the Data License?

The Data Licensee (i.e. organisation requesting access to data) typically creates a Data License. However, anyone in a project can create the Data License. 

Data License approval workflow

For more information, see approval workflow

Create a Data License

  1. To create a Data License: navigate to the Data Licenses tab in your project and click 'Create new Data License'.  Provide a descriptive name for the Data License, then select the organization who is requesting access to data (Data Licensee). Click Confirm.

2. Applying the legal framework to a Data License: 

Select a legal framework to apply to your data exchange license.

The following legal framework options are available to select:

A) Data Republic's Common Legal Framework: this is only available if your organization has executed modules for the Common Legal Framework; or select

B) Your organization's own legal framework: this is only available if your organization has executed the Third Party Exchange module to use existing legal arrangements for third party data sharing; the legal framework you want to use must first be created in the Data Republic platform and added to your project to apply and select in the license. 

Next, select whether you want Data Republic to review the license and provide the final approval after all parties to the license have provided their approval. If you select yes, Data Republic will endeavor to review the license to identify any practical issues with the exchange prior to providing approval or rejection of the data license.

Click Save.

3. Fill in the Data License terms and click save changes as you go.

Fill in the rest of the Data License terms section:

  • Will you be contributing your own data to the project? (Yes/No)

  • Will you be adding publicly available datasets (Open Data)? (Yes/No)

  • Effective date of Data License (Select the date)

  • Will you be sublicensing any Data Product? (Yes/No)

4. Link Data Packages for you organization

To include packages in the Data License, select ‘Link data packages to this license’, and choose a package that you would like to add to the license. Repeat for all packages to be included in the data license.

Once you have selected a Data Package, you are able to select whether or not you will be required to update the package and define commercial terms for each package.

If you will be undertaking a Privacy Preserving Matching Project on the platform, please answer the questions below. Otherwise, please proceed to save and submit your data license if you are ready for your license to be reviewed by data owner(s), refer to 'Submit a Data License' for next steps.

  • Token matching: If you would like to request to use the Matching feature, tick the check box to include token matching. Learn more about Matching projects. This option will only appear if you have selected at least two packages that have been configured for Matching (indicated by the 'M' icon). 

  • Unmatched rows: select which packages should retain unmatched rows once the token matching is complete

Submit a Data License

Once everyone is happy with the terms, only the Data Licensee can proceed to submit the license for approval by clicking Submit.

Approve or Reject a Data License

Approving a Data License

  1. Data license approvers will be notified by email when a license is submitted.

  2. Approvers can click on the link in the email or navigate directly to the project and license to approve. 

  3. Review Data License details and click approve or reject. 

Who needs to approve? Any organization who has contributed data to the project; The Data Licensee organization, and lastly Data Republic Platform Admin. Only one user from each organization will need to provide approval on behalf of their organization; users will require the 'Data License approver' permission.

Edit a Data License OR create a new version

If a license is in:

  • Draft: anyone in the project can edit the Data License; saved changes will be reflect in real time for other users viewing the license.

  • Submitted or In Review: the license cannot be edited until it is approved or rejected, a new version will then need to be created to edit. Any project member from the Data Licensee organization can create a new version.

  • Approved or rejected: to edit the license, someone from the Data Licensee organization will create a new version of the license to edit and re-submit for approval.

How to create a new version

Click on the 'Edit as a new version' button on the right hand side, underneath the Data License details. This button will only be visible for anyone in the Licensee Organization of the most recent version of the Data License.

License FAQ

  1. What happens if a Data License is rejected? If a license is rejected, a reason must be provided by the user. The Data Licensee will receive an email notification with the reason for rejection. A new version of the license can be created for editing and approval. 

  2. What happens when a Data License is approved by all organizations? Data Republic Platform Admin will approve the license. The user who submitted the license will receive an email notification that their license has been approved. The approval status will be reflected in the license.

  3. Can a license be modified after it is submitted for approval? A license cannot be edited in 'for review' or 'pending platform approval' status. An approver must reject the license before the license can be edited as a new version, and re-submitted for approval.

  4. Can I download a copy of the license? To download your data license as a pdf, click on the 'Export as PDF' button. 

Access approved datasets

Access to data can be granted once a Data License is approved. 

  • A secure Workspace (Windows or Linux virtual machine) is usually requested to access and analyze data. Any requests to extract data from the Data Republic platform will be checked to ensure that it complies with the intended use in the data license. 

  • Alternatively, if your Data License permits for a data file to be downloaded from your project, Data Republic will provide authorized recipients with a link to download the data file from the project once the Data License has been approved by participating organizations.

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Requesting a Workspace

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