When you have finished with your analysis, submit a request to extract any outputs permitted by the data license in your project. All output requests are subject to approval by Data Republic. 

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  • Your output aligns with the permitted use and rules for extraction: Before requesting an extract, please read the permitted use in your data license and ensure that your output aligns with it, including any special conditions set by the data owner.

  • Make clear annotations in your code: Please comment in the code(s) used to create this output file to allow for a smoother auditing process, reducing the time until your extract is provided

  • EULA: If the output from your analytics is provided to an end-user outside of your organization, you are required to provide Data Republic and the data owner with a signed End User License Agreement (EULA) executed by the data output recipient organization before any output can be extracted.

Who can request and download approved data outputs?

  • Only users with access to the workspace can request and download approved outputs. They must be listed as a user on the Workspace summary screen.

  • If you need to request and receive an output extract and you are not listed as a user of the workspace, you must first submit a change request to be added as a user of the workspace before following the below steps to request an extract.

  • If you have an ongoing project, multiple output requests may be submitted if this is allowed in the data license.

Request an extract

To request output extraction from your workspace:

  1. From the main navigation menu, navigate to Projects to find your project. 

  2. View the Workspaces tab in your project and click on a workspace you to view the Workspace summary screen.

  3. Click on the Request outputs button.

4. Read the extract instructions and place files in the correct folder for extraction. Prior to submitting your request, please ensure you have:

  • Placed data outputs in the specified folder within your workspace. Ensure your output files are zipped before placing them in the folder.

  • Placed code to be reviewed in the specified folder. The code should contain any comments pertaining to where you have applied any special conditions for extraction requested by the data owner. For e.g. conditions for aggregation to mitigate any risks for re-identification off Platform.

5. When you have placed all files in the relevant folder for review and extraction, click Request output. Your output extract request will be submitted to Data Republic for review. Output extract requests are usually reviewed within 1-2 business days.

6. Once an output extract request has been submitted, the status of the request will change to 'For review'. 

Check the status of your request by clicking on the 'Request Output' button on the Workspace summary screen as per step 3 above. The status of the request will be displayed next to the request version number in the summary window that appears. See below for more information about the review and approval process by Data Republic.

Review and approval by Data Republic

Output extract requests will be reviewed by Data Republic within 1-2 business days. Once submitted, the request status will change from 'Draft' to 'For Review' and finally, 'Approved' or 'Rejected' following review and action from Data Republic. 

  1. 'For review': Data Republic will review your output request and any relevant code to ensure that the output requested complies with the permitted use in the data license.

  2. 'Rejected': If your output does not comply with the permitted use, your request will be rejected and you will receive a notification email. Data Republic will also send a message via the project's conversation and provide the reason for rejection.

  3. 'Approved': If your output complies with the permitted use in the data license, your request will be approved and you will be automatically notified via email to download your output.

Download your extract

  1. Upon approval of your output extract request, you will see an approved request displayed at the bottom of the Workspace summary screen under the 'Output requests' section and will be notified by email.

  2.  On the Workspace summary screen, a 'download' link will appear for you to download the data output. The download link will only be visible to the user who requested the output for extraction.

  3. The download link is only valid for 24 hours. If the link expires and you have not downloaded your output, you can re-submit the output request by clicking on the 'Request outputs' button on the right. You will be notified via email when the request is approved and your download link has been re-generated (usually within 1 business day).

Accessing historic data extracts in your workspace

A copy of your approved data extract can be found in the Archive folder within your workspace. Within the Archive folder, you will find a sub-folder for each approved data request.

You will only have access to the Archive folder and its content if your data license has not expired and your workspace is still running.

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