Once your data license is approved, request a Discovery Workspace (DW) to access data for permitted use and run your analysis.

What is a DW?

A Discovery Workspace (DW) is a secure Windows virtual machine. It is a segregated environment from the rest of Data Republic’s infrastructure for running your data analysis. Once a DW is running, you cannot copy and paste information in or out of it. Learn more

Why do I need to use a DW?

Data Custodians require a certain level of governance around the use of their data. In order to allow sensitive datasets (such as transactional data) to be used for exchange and analysis, permitted use of data including data extraction rules must be outlined in a data license and agreed to before sharing the dataset. Given that the DW is a quarantined, audited and secure analytical environment, Data Custodians can be assured that any output created by the data licensee in a DW is checked by Data Republic to ensure compliance with the permitted use in the data license.

In this article you will learn

  1. How to request a DW
  2. What to do when your DW is approved
  3. How to change your DW setup


Request a DW

New DW requests need to be approved by Data Republic and is usually done within one business day. You will be notified by email when the new workspace has been approved. 

Click the Workspaces tab and click Request new discovery workspace.

On the Request new discovery workspace screen:

  • Complete the following marked with an asterisk 
  • If organizations in your Project have Customer Cloud Suite enabled, you will have an option to select an organization to host your Workspace.

1. Type the name of your new workspace: give it a unique name, especially if you have more than one workspace for your project

1 (a). If organizations in your Project have Customer Cloud Suite enabled, select an organization to host your Workspace.

2. Select a workspace size: consider a larger workspace size if you will use applications such as Power BI or Tableau, for transactional data or mapping purposes as they may require more memory to run your analysis.

3. Select software(s) to install in the workspace

  • What application can I use to access tables in the DW? Most analysts use SQL Workbench, python or R to connect to the redshift database to access tables for analysis
  • How do I add Automated Insights? Learn how to request Automated Insights for your Discovery Workspace
  • Do I need a software license? Yes, for software such as Tableau, Excel, etc you are required to bring your own license
  • What other software do you support? Please click here for a full list of supported software
  • Can't find what you're looking for? Contact support@datarepublic.com to make a request if the version or software you require is not listed. Make sure you provide your workspace name, project name / id, and the software name / version you would like to install, as well as link to download the software.

4. Select users who need access to the workspace. 

  • Users accessing the workspace must be part of the organization listed as the 'data licensee' in the approved data license. 
  • Any user(s) who will be requesting data output extraction from the workspace (once analysis is completed) will also need to be listed here.

5. Click Continue to save your request as a draft.

Review & submit your workspace request

Click the workspace name to review your workspace request.

1. Click and read the terms & conditions 

2. Check the boxes to indicate that you understand:

  • you will need to bring your own license for any licensed software requested, and
  • you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions for a workspace

3. Click the Request workspace button to submit your request to Data Republic for approval.

Once Data Republic has provided approval:

  • the workspace request status will change from for review to processing; and then to approved once the workspace has been configured (e.g. users added, software installed)
  • the workspace service status will change from unknown to pending whilst the workspace is being created; once the workspace has been created the service status will change to running.

When is my workspace ready?

  • When your workspace is ready to access, you will be notified by email. 
  • To view the workspace summary screen, click on the workspace name:
  • You will be taken to the workspace summary screen. The workspace status will display as Approved and the service status will change to running, indicating the workspace been set up and all workspace configuration is complete.
  • You are now ready to request a data package load to the workspace.

Change workspace setup

Request a change in workspace set up if you want to:

  • add additional users to the workspace
  • install additional software
  • change workspace specs (RAM and database storage)

To change your workspace set up:

  1. Click on the workspaces tab in a project and click on a workspace name.
  2. From the workspaces summary screen, click Change workspace setup.
  3. Edit the workspace set up to make your required changes, any items you are not changing can be left as is. Submit your request for approval. 
  4. You will be notified by email if your request has been approved or rejected.

Connect to your workspace:

Whilst waiting for your change request to be approved, you can connect to the latest workspace by clicking on 'View approved versions'. From here, click on the latest approved workspace to connect. Workspace users will only be able to connect to the latest approved version.

View all workspace requests:
Workspace change requests are tracked (i.e. versioned) and can be viewed via the ‘Versions’ link in the Workspace tab. Click on Versions to view a list of all workspace requests.

Next Step:

Load data packages to a workspace

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