Add any people you want to invite the project. They might be the project manager, data custodians (data owners), analysts working to prepare the data for exchange, or anyone. If you are working with a third party organization who may be performing the data analysis or contributing/requesting data for the project, invite users from this organization to participate in the project. Any people you add will have the same permissions in the project as you and you will be able to communicate with them through the project interface.

Note: We do not allow people using public web-based email accounts, for example,, and yahoo and so on.


  • you have created a project in the Data Republic platform

  • you know who your collaborators are

  • they have a Data Republic platform login

To add collaborators to your the Data Republic platform Project, click the People tab.

After creating the project, you will be the only project member. 

To add a project member, type their email address and click Add.

Note: Before you can add someone, they must be registered with Data Republic.

You can see the newly added project member.

You can keep adding as many people as you need.

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Setting up your project communications

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