What is a project?

A project is a governed space in Senate where you can manage your data exchange. Within a project, you can collaborate with others, request access to data sources you intend to use, outline your intensions to the data owners, discuss pricing and license data for permitted use. To access and analyze approved datasets in a project, Workspaces (quarantined virtual machines) can be requested.

Projects have different goals and outcomes, create a new project as needed for each exchange you complete.

Create a project

To get started, click Projects from the left navigation menu, then click the 'Create a new project' button.

On the Create a new project screen:

  1. Give your project a title; something that will help you and your collaborators identify this project if you have more than one.
  2. Select the data source type for your project (local or remote). Currently, a project can only be linked to local data sources or remote; projects cannot contain both local and remote data sources. This dropdown menu will only appear if Customer Cloud Suite has been enabled for your account. Contact support@datarepublic.com for more information. (If you do not see this dropdown on your screen, remote data sources will be enabled by default; data owners will need to upload data to Senate for exchange in your Project.)
  3. Type a meaningful description of your project (include high level project goals). This will be visible to anyone you invite to your project.
  4. Click Save Project.

From the My Projects screen, you will see your project listed:

  • Project name: click on this to view details of projects you have created or have been invited to
  • Project owner: the person who created the project
  • Reference: a unique ID is assigned to each project created on Senate

From here, you can find a dataset from the Catalog to add to your project, or invite new project members.

Next step: 

Add people to your project

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