NOTE: As of 25/07/2019 term sheets will no longer need to be created as special conditions for datasets can be captured in Data Licenses. Other information such as expected characteristics of datasets will be captured upon data package creation. Any existing term sheets will continue to apply.

What is a contributor term sheet?

A term sheet is a summary of the variable legal terms between your organization and Data Republic. For example, variable terms can include how long the agreement is to run and any associated costs. The non-variable terms, including intellectual property ownership are contained in the contract.

When do I need to create a term sheet?

A term sheet must be created for any data source (i.e. a database) that can be shared via a Catalog Data Listing or added to a project for exchange on Senate. Each database must have a Term Sheet attached to it and there can only be one Term Sheet for a database.

Term sheet approval workflow

For more information, see approval workflows

Term sheet user permissions

To create and submit a term sheet for review or create new versions, a user must have the term sheet creator permission. 

To approve a term sheet in ‘for review’ status, a user (referred to as a ‘manager’ in Senate) must have the term sheet approver permission.

Creating a term sheet

From the menu, select Term Sheets.

On the Term sheets screen, click Create New Term Sheet.

The Contributor Term Sheet screen is long so we’ll look at it in two parts.

Database Name: Give your database a name (free-form text).

Legal Owner: The owner of data (free-form text). For e.g. if the data belongs to your organization, put the name of your organization.

Effective Date: The date this Term Sheet is executed by both parties.

Initial Term (in months): How long the access is to run for. Must be greater than zero.

Renewal Term (in months): If you don’t wish to renew access, select zero.

What is your matching policy for this dataset?
Has this dataset been tokenized and can it be matched with other datasets? Select one of the following:

  • This dataset is de-identified or aggregated and does not contain any tokens for matching
  • Our organization may allow third parties to match against this tokenized dataset, subject to data license approval
  • Our organization does not allow third parties to match against this tokenized dataset

Scroll down to the bottom section of the Contributor Term Sheet screen: 

Expected Data Characteristics: Describe what the data represents. A few sentences about what this database contains.

Uses and Conditions:  Conditions for accessing your database.

Special Conditions: Special conditions for accessing your database.

DR Data Fee Percentage: The percentage of the access fee you have agreed to offer Data Republic. This is relevant for any data listed on the Data Republic Catalog for exchange.

Click Create a new term sheet when finished.

Submitting a term sheet for review

Check your input, make any corrections and then click Submit to Manager to submit the term sheet for review.

You will receive an email notification when your term sheet has been approved or rejected.

Approve and submit to Data Republic

When a term sheet is submitted to a manager with the term sheet approver permission, it is in ‘for review’ status and cannot be edited. A new version must be created if any changes need to be made.

When a term sheet has been submitted for review, an email is sent to all users who are part of the term sheet approver group. Any user from this group can click on the ‘review term sheet’ button in the email to log into Senate and view the term sheet:

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Term sheet screen and click on a term sheet in ‘for review’ status.

To approve a term sheet, click the Submit to Platform button to submit the term sheet to Data Republic for approval.

Depending on what is selected, a term sheet will change to ‘rejected’ or ‘pending platform approval’ status.  The term sheet will change to ‘approved’ status once Data Republic has provided approval.

The user who submitted the term sheet to a manager for review, will be notified by email when their term sheet has been approved or rejected.

Creating a new version

Any term sheet in draft status can be edited, however, a new version of the term sheet must be created if you want to edit a term sheet that is no longer in draft status.

Note: if a new version is created, previous versions will be made inactive and cannot be edited, approved or rejected.

To create a new version of a term sheet:

From the menu, select Term Sheets

Click on any term sheet you want to create a new version for i.e. any term sheet in ‘for review’, ‘pending platform approval’, ‘rejected’ or ‘approved’ status.

On the Term Sheets screen, click Edit as a new version.  

Alternatively, if the term sheet has more than one version, click the Versions tab and select a version to edit. Click ‘Edit as a new version’ to make changes.

A new version of the term sheet is created in draft.  

Edit as required and click Save. When ready, click Submit to Manager to submit the term sheet for review. 

From here, the term sheet will follow the normal approval workflow and can be approved or rejected by a manager with approver permission.

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