The view builder assists you when analyzing data that has been aggregated and kept inside the database. The result of your analysis can be saved in the form of a view. 

You can create, alter or drop (or delete) views. You also can run SQL queries and build many different views combining across one or more tables.


You will have

From the menu, select View Builder.

Your databases are listed.

Click the arrow next to the database to show the tables that you can create a view for.

  1. Click a table to work with.
  2. Write the SQL for your view in the black text window.
  3. Click the arrow to run the query. The view is saved automatically.

Your screen should look a bit like this.

Note: Once you have created a view of a table, you will not see the view listed under the Databases tab in Manage data. However, when you proceed to create a data package, you will be able to select from a list of all tables and views you have created.

Next step: 

Creating packages for data exchange

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