After you have uploaded your data, create a database. Databases contain one or more tables of data. 

This article shows you how to create a database. 

Why do I need to create a database?

Create a database so you can create a table and load your data to the table. Upon data license approval in a project, a copy of tables referenced in a data package can be provided in a Workspace for analysis by authorized users. Users in a workspace can connect to a redshift database to query tables and analyze data using tools such as SQL Workbench, python or R.

In this article, you will learn how to:


You will have:

Create a database

On the Manage Data screen, click the Database tab.  

Click Create Database

On the Create Database screen:

  1. Give the database a name. The name must only have lowercase letters, digits and if you need a separator, use the underscore character.
  2. Optionally, add a comment so that others know the purpose of the database.
  3. Click Create Database.

A new database has been created.  

Note: Your new database does not contain any data or tables. Tables will need to be created in the database before data can be loaded.

Next step: 

Creating a table in the database

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