We designed and built Data Republic’s technology infrastructure from the ground up with protection and security of data at the forefront every activity. From the initial ingestion, through to the processing and exchange of data, Data Republic provides dynamic analysis and data security controls to ensure that all Datasets, Data Listings and Data Products are protected from unauthorized access and extraction. 

The security of Data Republic’s Senate platform is second-to-none with full encryption of data, network segregation, and continuous hardening principles applied when developing the platform. This means that previous security levels are retained and built upon for the next iteration. As a user or partner of Data Republic, hardening in the build gives you confidence that the platform is safe and secure.

Data Republic maintains a data security environment aligned with the following ISO/IEC 27000 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standards:

  • ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management Systems);
  • ISO 27002:2013 (Code of Practice for Information Security Management); and
  • ISO 27018 for cloud based security.

Data Republic has developed its own set of data security protocols for the Senate platform architecture, whose compliance are enforced with policies, technical procedures and active monitoring.

Does Data Republic have a security plan?

Data Republic has a Data Security plan which includes facets such as collecting only the required information, keeping it safe, and destroying any information that is no longer needed. We have more information available on our security plan and security practices.

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