A Discovery Workspace (DW) is a quarantined analytical environment, created within a governed project space after a data license has been approved by all project participants. 

Depending on the level of governance selected for your project, data owners may request for sensitive data to be accessed only via a secure Discovery Workspace and for all outputs to be manually checked prior to approval for extraction. This ensures that any output created in a DW complies with the permitted use and extraction rules agreed to in the data license.

Discovery Workspace (VM) specifications

A DW may consist of one or more Windows virtual machines (VM) loaded with approved datasets for analysis.

There are three VM workspace sizes you can select from, each with varying costs based on storage and processing requirements.

Each VM is allocated 100GB of local storage space and 550GB of redshift database storage. Add-on storage is available at an additional cost.

What is installed in a workspace VM?

You can customise each VM to meet your specific needs, with the installation of any of the below software. Please note: Software licences are required if applicable, for e.g. Excel, Tableau, etc.

Installed by default:

  • R 3.4.4 & R Studio 1.4.4
  • 7 Zip
  • Anaconda3 (Python 3.6); includes Jupyter Notebook and QT Console

Users can also select and install:

  • Anaconda2 (Python 2.7): Python distribution for large-scale data processing; includes Jupyter Notebook and QT Console
  • SQL Workbench build 121: SQL query tool (available once data has been loaded to the DW)
  • LibreOffice Open source office suite
  • Sublime 3.0 build 3143: Text Editor
  • Sumatrapdf 3.1.2: Free PDF Reader
  • Tableau 10.3.0: Data visualization software* (you will need to bring your own license) 

Installed upon request only (please contact Data Republic Support as it is not currently listed on the Request Workspace screen):

  • DBVisualizer 10.0.2: Database management and analysis tool 
  • MS Excel ProPlus: Spreadsheet software* (you will need to bring your own license for any licensed software)
  • Intellij idealU-2017.2.6: JAVA IDE
  • Postgresql 9.6.8: Client only
  • Power BI 2.54: Data visualisation software
  • PyCharm 2018.1.2: Python IDE
  • Visual Studio Code 1.17.2: Code Editor

Can I request to install other versions or software?

Yes, however, applications or versions not listed above will need to be approved by Data Republic and tested prior to installation. We cannot guarantee ongoing support for any applications not listed above. 

How much does a workspace VM cost?

Pricing for the workspace VM is determined based on workspace size and associated costs. Your workspace will be invoiced monthly. Please contact your Data Republic account manager for more information.

How do users access the workspace VM?

Users can access the workspace in their web browser by logging into Senate and navigating to the workspace tab in their project. 

The request to add users to a workspace is part of the workspace set up form. Once a workspace request is approved by Data Republic, a new version of the workspace request form will need to be submitted if new users need access to the workspace.

Can multiple users access the workspace VM at the same time?

Multiple users can be given access to the same workspace VM (just like multiple people can log into a single computer), however, only one user can connect to the workspace VM at any time. If you require multiple users in your project to access approved datasets in the VM at the same time, you’ll need to request for multiple workspace VMs to be created.

Can two or more VMs be set up for a project? How will this work?

  • This collaborative arrangement allows users working in different VMs to connect to the same database at the same time. Any changes made to a table will be visible to users in all VMs.
  • If there are files in an approved data package, all VMs will get a copy of these files stored locally; any locally stored files in a VM cannot not shared with other VMs. This means that any changes made to a file in one VM will not be reflected in other VMs.
  • Any output request is subject to Data Republic approval and must align with the permitted use agreed to in the data license. Output can be extracted from any VM once users have completed their analysis. 

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