Senate is the name of Data Republic’s secure Platform for inter-organizational data collaboration. 

Senate can be licensed on a one-off project basis or as part of an annual enterprise license.

Senate delivers a ‘data collaboration control-center’ where data teams can govern internal and external collaborative analytics projects. 

On Senate, organizations list datasets, negotiate license terms with partners, request and analyse data in Workspaces, build applications or Data Products, and govern the approved outputs from collaborative projects. 

Senate helps data owners overcome the common barriers to data collaboration by delivering unique governance and licensing workflows which eliminate privacy, data security and commercial risks to sharing data.

Features include:

Governance and data licensing workflows  
Securely manage data collaboration projects via comprehensive online governance workflows, licensing tools and project dashboards.   

De-identification, PII protection and safe matching
Ensure that no customer personally identifiable information (PII) ever leaves your organization during data collaboration. Match and share de-identified datasets with Data Republic’s unique privacy-preserving matching technology.

Quarantined analytics environments
DMZ environments for data collaboration. Provision and analyze data in secure, encrypted, cloud analytics environments. Control access to secure workspaces and configure according to your unique project needs.  

Secure ecosystem for data collaboration  
Safely collaborate with hundreds of companies and governments adopting Data Republic standards and technology for data collaboration.


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