Data Republic does not allow the personal information (PII) of customers or individuals to enter the Senate platform.

Senate Matching is the name of Data Republic’s privacy-preserving matching technology which ensures customer PII never leaves your organization’s environment when conducting projects on Senate. The Senate Matching technology removes risks of re-identification and misuse, while still allowing accurate insights to be derived from matched datasets.

Before uploading a dataset for exchange, Senate Matching nodes first divide the data into the fields that are not to be shared (the PII) and fields that can be shared (such as attribute data). This division means that the companies you license data to (and Data Republic) never have access to your customer PII. Datasets are anonymized using tokens, and PII is protected using salting and hashing. But Senate Matching goes further by dividing the hashed PII and distributing the slices on a network of highly secured nodes.  

Senate Matching then uses a sophisticated technique to accurately match the individual records of the datasets, so data analysts can be confident in the quality of the matching and the data itself. And because the hashed PII is sliced and distributed, it can’t be re-identified.


Learn more about how Senate Matching technology works to protect PII.

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