Data Republic does not allow personally identifiable information (PII) of customers or individuals to enter the Senate platform.

For legal, privacy, and security reasons, we require that all PII is extracted and replaced by randomly generated tokens within an organization’s secured IT environment, before any data is ingested on Senate. 

Examples personal identifiers that we remove include:

  • name, including first name, last name and middle name
  • date of birth
  • postal and residential address
  • phone number, including mobile land line
  • email address

Only when all PII has been removed and tokens appended, can the Dataset be uploaded on to Data Republic’s platform.

By ensuring no PII is held on Data Republic, we mitigate the risk of creating a concentration of identified information about individuals in one place. Even when a request has been made between organizations to match on a token level, personal information is never supplied, only another token. Meaning it is not possible to re-identify any individual on Senate. 

Data Republic also has technical protocols to quickly identify and remove any PII erroneously ingested into our technology ecosystem.

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