Data licensing is the sharing of data between systems, organisations and individuals. This is frequently seen through projects related to data enrichment, data pooling between organizations within an industry and sharing data between two or more partners.   Data Republic’s Senate platform revolutionizes data collaboration between organizations by providing comprehensive legal, governance and licensing workflows for companies when sharing data. Our Senate platform helps organizations to confidently govern data collaborations, foster new partnerships and connect to the global data economy.


The days of ‘internal only’ approaches to data sharing and analytics collaboration are over.  It’s a peer-to-peer data sharing world.  Organizations need a solution designed for peer-to-peer data collaboration and licensing. Unlike cataloguing or analytics platforms which focus on ‘internal-only’ or ’employment-policy-based’ data sharing use cases, Data Republic’s Senate platform delivers a full suite of tools for organizations to properly govern and control the way they license data with all parties – whether that be across teams, with an existing supplier, partner or a potential collaborator.  The benefits of data collaborations, can be two-fold; increased awareness and insights to drive organizational outcomes, and increased personalisation for the individual customer to improve their experience.  

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