A data collaboration project between two organizations represents a fundamentally different challenge than sharing data between teams within a business. With the latter, data is protected by the organization’s internal data security and governance measures, whereas a company typically loses visibility and control over its data when exchanging a dataset with another business. 

Prior to the foundation of Data Republic, organisations interested in inter-organizational data collaboration were faced with complex one-to-one legal agreements which required serious investments of time and money, as well as major brand and privacy risks due to a lack of fit-for-purpose governance technology. 

 Risks included:   

  • Non-compliance with privacy law and the appropriate protection of personally identifiable information (PII) of individuals 
  • Data leakage and loss
  • Data security vulnerabilities 

Data Republic’s Senate platform solves the complex legal, data security and privacy barriers to data collaboration, making it simpler and more secure for your organization to share and license data.

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