At Data Republic, when we say data sharing we mean enterprises can safely connect their data to the best people, apps, algorithms and data available. 

Broadly speaking, data sharing enables organizations to securely license, combine and analyze different datasets. These could be both internal or external datasets, and can be beneficial in developing better decision-making model for an organization. The Data Republic platform and infrastructure enforces the necessary legal, financial and security parameters to the act of inter-organizational data collaboration to ensure the exchange is secure and governed.    

What are the benefits of data sharing?

In today's digital world, the companies who are winning are data-driven. They are navigating the most complex, competitive and challenging enterprise landscape with agility, powered by data and insight. The right insights help these digital-first companies anticipate supply chain challenges before they even happen. New product development happens at a lightning-fast pace thanks to signals from large, rich, diverse data sets. The right analyst knows the right channel for the right product at the right minute of the day for the most effective advertising dollars, enabling digital-first companies to ride the tsunami of digital adoption in 2020 without increasing cost. A fifth of profits are now generated by data-driven initiatives, a number that will only grow.

With Data Republic, enterprises can safely connect all their data to the best talent, tech and data available to them. Now enterprises can:

  • Establish repeatable legal frameworks under which data would be stored and used, exponentially increasing speed of execution and reducing costs

  • Provide well governed workflows to access data, rapidly scaling the numbers of partners you can collaborate with concurrently - onboard in minutes

  • Collect, prepare and package data from a wide range of disparate sources and protect that data from being used in undesirable ways, greatly increasing the data sets you can use

  • Track and trace the usage of the data to provide compliance with regulation and policy, reducing risks without reducing innovation and know exactly where their data is and who has access to it

Connect to the world’s best data talent and algorithms using the Data Sandbox, a safe collaboration zone, or use the Data Fusion Studio to simply and easily join your customer data with another enterprise’s data to expand and enrich your datasets.

With Data Republic’s safe and secure technology, an enterprise no longer has to settle for 85% of their data projects failing, no longer worry about how to make the case for continued data investment with no ROI, no longer has to choose between innovation and risk. With Data Republic, every enterprise can become data-driven.

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