What is Senate Matching?

Senate Matching is Data Republic’s service for matching datasets without exposing personally identifiable information (PII). Using this service, Data Custodians generate randomized tokens to replace PII in datasets uploaded to Senate. Matching of these randomized tokens only occurs through authorized match requests approved by Data Custodians on the Senate platform.

With Senate Matching PII never leaves your organization. Tokenization and hash slicing are performed before datasets are available for exchange on Senate.

Senate Matching also helps organizations ensure that token matching is never centralized. Rather than having tokens, hashes and keys centrally stored, Senate Matching decentralizes the information to prevent inference attacks.

Senate Matching enables you to:

  • Protect PII without limiting innovation
  • Unlock accurate insights with partners
  • Perform high-value analytics
  • Explore partnerships in the Data Republic ecosystem
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

Senate Matching is a new approach to data matching and PII protection

De-identification, PII protection and safe matching

Match datasets without PII ever leaving your organization. Ensure privacy compliance and protection when sharing data.

Decentralized architecture

Tokens and hashes are never centrally stored, removing the risk of re-identification.

Quarantined analytics environments

DMZ for data collaboration. Provision and analyze matched data in secure, encrypted, cloud analytics environments on Senate.

Transparent multi-field matching

Analysts are shown which fields are matched, leading to increased match rates and improved confidence in match results.

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